Select writings and reading appearances are included here.


"Enough" // Till 2017 Chapbook // November 2017

"what do you hunger after?"  // Collab. w/ Colleen RJC Bratton & Outer Space: Lens Therapy // July 2017

Debut Chapbook Going Up // Self-published, June 2017

"Fire Ghost" and "Second Show" // Opaque Quarterly, Spring 2015

"Harmony" and "I slide behind the world and lose my name" // Fragments Literary Journal, Spring 2015

"Raising" and "First and Only" // Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag, Vol. 1 Number 1, August 2012

"Open Spaces" // Emerge Literary Journal, Issue Two, April 2012

"Only in the utmost dark" // Fragments Literary Journal, Spring 2010


"A Game of Chutes and Grey Matter" // The Seismic Thread, May 2014

"The Vitality and Future of Nature-Play" // Bright Water Waldorf School, February 2014


"Resolution" and "Being Kind to Someone Incidental to my Life" // Vermillion Art Gallery, October 2015

"Bedroom Metamorphosizes into a Bridge" + More // The Seismic Thread "Art is a Way" Showcase, February 2015

"Harmony" // "Another Person's Treasure: Benefit for WA Food Coalition", November 2014

Several Poems // "Collision" at Seattle University, May 2011